Prime31 Android In App Billing Error: "Querying Prices of Items. Response: 6:Error"

I’ve integrated the Prime31 Android In App Billing Plugin to our project. I’ve setup the Google Play side of things and have published an application to the Alpha Channel. However, whenever I try and fetch the inventory using GoogleIAB.queryInventory, I’m given the following error in response:

“Error refreshing inventory (querying prices of items). (response: 6:Error)”

I’m racking my brain to figure out what this even means. Googling around, I have so far not found an explanation to it either. I could really use any pointers, directions, hints as to what it could be… pretty much would appreciate anything at this point.

Thank you in advance!

Bump. Could really use some help on this from anyone who may know what it means! Thank you!