Prime31 Gamecenter plugin...

First off, I know that is may not be a technical Unity question, but I figured that because Prime31 is so prolific it may be appropriate. I recently bought The Prime31 Game Center plugin. After looking through the docs, I have been able to get the “GameCenterBinding.isGameCenterAvailable” and “GameCenterBinding.authenticateLocalPlayer” functions to work (I think), but I don’t know what to do next. I have set up my leaderboard on iTunes Connect…how do I get it to load from my app? Thanks

Prime31 also has great docs:

All you have to do is init like you have using those two methods. Then you need to report scores after a game.

GameCenterBinding.reportScore("leaderboardid", 100);

Report achievement

GameCenterBinding.reportAchievement("myachievementid", 1.0f);

You need to make sure you have a GameCenterManager and GameCenterEventListener before calling these methods.

To load it you need to call:

// Leaderboards

// Achievements