Primitives in Unity

Hi, i'm new to unity and plan on playing around with making a simple 2D game. I understand textured quads are the best way to go for that, and i was wondering: do i need a separate tool to create them? A cursory look in the menus and docs don't show any mention of anything related.

You do need a separate tool to create quads for 2D games; there's no built-in quad primitive. The built-in plane is 200 triangles, which is massive overkill and not really appropriate. You can either make a quad in a 3D app and import it into Unity, create one in code, or use this editor script.

Unity can create various primitive shapes for you, and you can texture them however you want using Meshes (although you cannot, to my knowledge, UV Map a primitive in Unity).

Primitives can be found by going to Game Object > Create Other... A menu will pop up, and the primitives are at the bottom of the list. This process creates a GameObject and populates it with a Mesh, MeshCollider (or the appropriate type of primitive collider), and MeshRenderer component.

As of Unity 4.2, Unity NOW SUPPORTS QUADS!!

Just go into the Create menu, and it should appear right under Cube and other primitives :slight_smile:

Unity 4.2 release notes: