printing a jpg or a pdf... is it possible?

Hello dear UnityDevelopers…

i am trying to figure out and have been searching online about printing out from unity. i need to physically print out a jpg picture or a pdf file from my assets folder when a button is clicked.

is it possible?
Thank you guys in advance…

As I understand, the Mono libs which Unity uses don’t support the GDI stuff that printing would need.

Actually, this is an old question, asked and answered.

Thing is, if you have Pro anyway, you should be able to access DLL’s. So I’m thinking if you have the right DLL(s) in your plugins folder, it should be possible. You may need to write a shell DLL to access the system DLL’s I’m not sure.

A quick/dirty way around is to post pic to a server and print via web browser.

its possible now in windows Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making