printing? / saving?

hi folks,

i have a question regarding a print and save function.

i would like to save the state of a scene (multiple positions, ids etc. in a local file from a unity webplayer).

i would like to print the current screen from a unity webplayer.

please tell me, if this is possible and if yes, what are the function names.

best regards,

jens gernandt

You cannot save files to disk from a webplayer, as webplayers don't have disk access. You can, however, use the PlayerPrefs class to store data values for your game, which you could use to reconstruct your scene at a later point.

As for printing, I don't think that is possible from a web player. You could invoke the browser's print command via JavaScript, but, at least the Mac Safari engine will not show the unity plugin content on a printout, so that's kind of useless.

See also: Is it possible to output screenshots from Unity?

It might help you on the printing front, even though you might have to upload the images to a server before users could print them.