Prior Programming Knowledge

Hey guys,

I’m thinking of learning Unity. As of this post i’ve been programming in Pascal, C, C# and C++ (all in over 1 + 1/2 years). I’d say i’m a beginner - intermediate programmer in these languages. I’ve touched a bit of HTML but not much.

My question is how much programming knowledge is needed to get quite good in Unity? I’ve read through some similar forums and read a variety of answers ranging from not-needing to any prior programming knowledge to having some programming knowledge wouldn’t hurt. Any opinions will be greatly appreciated.

Friendly heads up, open-ended questions like this belong in the forums. Honestly though, this is so subjective there’s not a whole lot to be said. Having some familiarity with C# will really help you hit the ground running. You can safely and wisely eschew UnityScript / Boo. [ Does everyone hate me for pushing C# so hard? :wink: ]

Besides basic programming skills, Unity has its sometimes-frustrating quirks that you’ll learn as needed. And then there’s the great fun (not sarcastic!) of applied mathematics!

In addition to the Learn section here and the documentation, google is your friend. You can learn a lot with a little research. And then there’s this lovely C# resource I like to share: A C# Crash Course - RB Whitaker's Wiki

Best of luck moving forward,