Pro, Free, SVN and Prefab Connection Problem

I’m experiencing a problem with my prefabs losing connections and becoming regular gameObjects while using Update within SVN on one of my machines and I’m hoping someone can shed some light. Here’s my setup.

  • Home Machine: Unity Pro
  • Office Machine: Unity Free
  • Laptop: Unity Pro

From my Office Machine (Free) I have made some updates where I have added a new prefab to a scene and then SVN Committed it. When I perform an SVN Update on my Laptop (Pro) everything works just fine and the prefabs are all there. The laptop uses Unity 4 Pro for testing. However when I do an SVN Update on my Home Machine (v3 Pro), not only are the recently added prefabs no longer prefabs, all other prefabs connections are lost too and they all simply become regular gameObjects.

My only thought is that Unity Pro 4 does something differently where the prefabs are still maintained, but that seems a little unlikely to me. Since I have upwards of 1000 prefabs in this scene, keeping them as prefabs is an absolute must.

The problem does not occur the other way around where on my Home Machine I create the prefabs, Commit and then Update on my Office Machine. They work fine.

Has anyone experienced this problem before, or have any suggestions?

The problem is, that Unity 4.x is not compatible with Unity 3.x! You cant move files with specific unity properties from 3 to 4, it just doesn’t work.

I know it’s a pain, but you have to upgrade or downgrade, stay with 3 or go with 4… you can’t do both and hope to succeed, sorry.