Pro not working on start up _ directly after purchase

so i loved the free version on my mac
however i noticed that any code produced on a mac has a chance of being unstable when played on a windows. This is a disasterous problem as the goal is to develope for both mac and windows. (now i know why all my programming buddies hate mac)

so i shelled out the 15 hundred dollars for the pro -because i wanted to start making an MMO.
now my mac is partioned and has a windows 7 OS on the other side
so to rectify the problem with code being unstable when produced on a mac i decided to install unity pro on my windows side.
Now my windows side is 32 bit and i didnt see anything about unity pro being being specific in that regard however i keep getting a problem like this which is preventing me from working

Your 64 bit Windows installation is missing an imporant service pack patch. Please apply to ensure stability.

can anyone help me out, ps yes i checked that service pack link however again my system isnt 64 bit

First of all, although it is a good idea to install that hotfix on affected operating systems, not having it installed is not going to keep Unity3D from working. (My understanding is that it can cause occasional editor crashes, but I’ve personally never experienced that.)

It’s surprising that Unity would give you that message under a non-64-bit OS, though. Perhaps it’s getting confused in some way. Do you have it installed under “C:\Program Files” or under “C:\Program Files (x86)”?