[Probably an easy question]Troubles saving my GameObject through scenes

I have got a a mod and gun carcas prefabs of my ship which are saved on my ship script. My ships game object (with ships script) is DontDestroyOnLoad() so when I enter a station(a new scene!), I can Instantiate these gun and mod carcas prefabs in my ship window:


I instantiate it inside my scene then I drag and drop my mods or guns onto it and I need to save it! But if I replace the mod carcas reference on my playership(which is as I said a prefab right now and so can travel through scenes), but if I change this carcas refrence from prefab to this instance of the prefab I am gonna lose it if my instance gets destroyed(which happpens when I switch to another carcas(gun) or exit the station!!) so I lose all my gun and mod info!!!

I saw 3 ways:

Modifying a prefab itself to be like its instance(but it causes an error cause I have to destroy its children at runtime…Exception is smth like: Cant destoy assets at runtime cause memory problems can occur

Having my carcas somehow be DontDestroyOnLoad() but it is gonna be ugly and inconvinient!!!

Maybe using an external file to save it…but…I will have to save it very often at runtime so I dont think it is a good choice + confusing

I bet it is just me being dumb but please help me :frowning:

I took approach number 2…But there must be a better way