Problem accessing C# from Javascript

I realize this question has been asked several times before, but I have tried everything. I am trying to access a C# boolean from a JS Script, but I can’t move my C# boolean to the Standard Assets or Plugins folder without breaking my project. I also moved the execution order of the C# script to before the script calling it. I am using the UFPS plugin by visionpunk.

In this screenshot, I have my code on the left and my scene on the right. I successfully tested the boolean calling with a dummy script and it worked, but it was in the Plugins folder, so it was compiled first. *** In this case, line 181 works (script is in plugins folder) but line 182 does not.*** Again, I cannot move the script with the boolean.

Any help is tremendously appreciated.

How did you resolve?
I have a package in C# and I am trying to access it from Unityscript files. But I can’t move the package folders into Plugins or Standard Assets because the code in the package gives me error, script not found.