Problem after using Occlusion Bake (some camera not rendering properly)

I am making a car game and I have multiple cameras for different views.
I marked the static objects as static from inspector and used occlution bake (trying to increase frame rate).
But after baking, one of the cameras renders in a weired way. It displays some objects only. However, other cameras work fine.
Note: I tried baking light before baking occlusion but cancelled it because it took too long. I am not sure if I reverted the changes completely and correctly before using occlusion baking.
(If I clear the Occlusion bake data, the cameras work normally).
What am I doing wrong? What can i do to fix this problem?

@Sabean or anyone coming across this, - i know it’s years later but - Hi there, my first guess is that by setting each object static you mean full static (the check box in inspector), what you should do is drop that arrow down, and only tic Occludee Static, and untic Occluder Static on small objects. Vice-versa for large objects. What I’m thinking is happening is some small objects near the camera are set to occluder, meaning they can erase any objects that theyre in front of during rendering. To sum up, use Occluder static on walls/large things, and use Occludee static on small things you want the Occluders to occlude.