Problem applying textures

Hello everybody,

I’ve got a problem applying textures to my meshes done with blender. Really with any mesh from blender and don’t know where is the problem.

The simplest thing:

  1. Open blender and a new scene (the default one, a cube, a camera and a lamp)

  2. Save this scene, without touching anything into the assets folder of my unity project. It doesn’t matter wich format, the result is the same if the file is .blend .3ds .fbx …

  3. Moving the mesh into the scene. Works perfect, the mesh appears to be fine.

  4. The problem. When I apply any texture to this cube or whatever mesh I import the result is a change in the color of the mesh to the average color of the texture but no texture. :-?

Do I need to do anything into blender previous to save my mesh for Unity to apply materials correctly?

I’ve tried to change tiling and offset in the texture without results. Don’t know what is the difference between my meshes and the meshes I’ve downloaded from other pages.

Please, someone knows where is my mistake?

Thanks in advance.

PD: Sorry for my english. It’s far from being perfect. O:-)

You need to UV map your meshes.