Problem Archiving with Xcode 10

I recently updated to Xcode 10 and while building work, I am unable to archive. I downgraded to Xcode 9.4 and am able to archive and build with no issues.

The archiving stops at a certain consistent task count and my laptop just hangs.

The project is exported by unity 2018.2.12f and the previous 11f version. I have also tried it with a new empty project and also fails with archiving.

Is anyone else facing issues with archiving with Xcode 10? As a work around, I downgrade to 9.4.

Hello, I am experiencing the same problem.

The builds all work on XCode 10, but the Archive consistently hangs on the same task (usually near the end, something like 611 out of 617).

I should add this, which is by no means a fix:
I accidentally left the computer trying to archive a build over the weekend. When I came back today the archive was done. When I left on Friday it was at least 4h into the process, so I could have taken anywhere from 4h to 48h.

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Has anyone experienced this problem?
I experienced this problem at 5.6.6 f2, and the problem was solved at 2018.2.14f1.
However, it is impossible to update because it is already in service.
I am looking for someone who has solved this problem.

The problem persists when using Unity 2018.2.18 and Xcode 10.1, but the solution proposed by @leuconoe ( you get a beer from me! ) works.

@leuconoe I don’t have any such setting as “Unity:Building Settings → Generate Debug Symbol”. I’m in Unity 2019.1.2. Are you referring to something in Xcode?