Problem BoxCollider Detection Before/After

Hello, im working in a game like flappy bird, but with a running player that must jump some bricks, for now its ok, but i have a problem when detecting the colision.
Sometimes the game detect the colision before they touch. I put a script to stop it whenever it collides, and there you can see that the objects are not touching.

Im using rigidbody2d, the object is not trigger with a BoxCollider2d and a rigidbody2d, using OnCollisionEnter2D in the player script. [29305-screen+shot+2014-07-16+at+4.45.38+pm.png|29305]

Try to play around with fixed timestep (1) (in Edit->Project Setting->Time) and on rigidbody2d component change collision detection to continuous, and tell if this solves your problem.