Problem builder settings. Loads the wrong scene

I watched a lesson - CREATING A SCENE SELECTION MENU. all done right, nor any no errors. When testing is loaded the wrong level. I have scene 0: as basic menu - start/options/exit. Scene 1: scene selection menu. Levels start with 2. Load on click the button of the first level - index in builder srttings is 2, index 3 for level 2 and 4 for the third level. Level 1 is loaded correctly, the level 2 is loaded correctly. Level three I did not create, I copied the Level 2 and changed a bit, just to see difference. How ever when loading these changes are not loaded, its the same scene as loading when I load level 2. Builder index arranged correctly, I even changed the “int” to “string” in the code and load the levels by full name, but all the same.


if you use LoadAdditive Script then it require Unity pro only.
Script to load a scene in the background while the current script plays (Pro only).