[Problem] Change 3DText color with C# script

When I try to change the color, in the console it “works” correctly.
It shows the rbg values I picked, but in the scene and game views the text color stays white.

I also noticed that if I look at the color in the inspector (with the scene running) the color is white and the rgb values are - (65025, 46410, 22440, 255).
These values are always the same every time I play the scene.

Here's the code (I'll provide the rest if needed):
public class DotControl : MonoBehaviour 
	string curMenu;
	// Use this for initialization
	void Update()
			GameObject start = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Start");
			GameObject load = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Load");
			GameObject exit = GameObject.FindGameObjectWithTag("Exit");
			if (Input.GetAxisRaw("Vertical") > 0.9) 
				// get position
				float posY = gameObject.transform.position.y;

				// move dot
				if (posY == 0)
					iTween.MoveTo(gameObject, iTween.Hash("y", -4, "time", 0.1));
					curMenu = "Exit";
					Color oldExit = exit.renderer.material.color;
					Color newExit = new Color(255,182,88,255);
					Debug.Log(exit.renderer.material.color); //255,255,255,255
					exit.renderer.material.SetColor("_Color", newExit);
					Debug.Log(exit.renderer.material.color); //255,182,88,255

I tried using Red (255,0,0,255) and it worked properly.
“Named” color work apparently - red, blue, yellow, etc
The others don’t.

Each color component is a floating point value with a range from 0 to 1.