Problem Component/Effects/Halo on "planet"

the planet is a sphere, I made it so the halo is 1.15 larger then the planet, and I don’t understand when I turn, its acts like it more like a billboard, the halo is suppose to surround the planet. The planet is round, and so is the halo, so no lookAt is needed.

I added Halos to my Planets, when look straight ahead it looks perfect, but when facing sideways the Halo overlaps the planet.

Any fix for this?

Example 1 Halo, how it should be. See “Halo OK” pict

Example 2 Halo, how it should not be. See “Halo Overlapping” pict

The Halo is added to the parent object, inside the parent object are the texture sphere, clouds, and satellites. I always thought the halo engulfs the entire object and not just the sides, that’s how it seems.

If the halo is not absolutely necessary I would recommend to use a shader instead. This article describes how to add an atmospheric scattering (examples and project files included):