Problem creating a script to destroy object on collision.

Hello. I am new to both Game Creation and Scripting, so all help is very much appreciated.
I am trying to create a script that, when my object collides with my player, will destroy the object. The code I have made is
#pragma strict

function OnCollisionEnter (hit : Collision) { 
	if( == "Player") { 
		Destroy(gameObject); } 

I tried to make this code as simple as possible, but it doesn’t work. When the object hits the player it just stacks on top of him.

Information about the game: The game I have created is intended to be mobile and 2D. Both the object and player have Rigidbody2D applied. The object has the script I have shown. Both objects have colliders.

Sorry for the long post but I wish to complete this game as fast as I can. If you have any questions just ask. Thank you.

Objects with 2D rigidbodies and 2D colliders need to use OnCollisionEnter2D(Collision2D coll) instead of OnCollisionEnter(Collision coll).

Try using the following to make sure a collision would be detected

function OnCollisionEnter2D(coll: Collision2D) {