Problem Enter and Exit with Vehicle

Hi! I have problem with “Enter and Exit with Vehicle”, I have script and all ready but 1 case Player can far enter with vehicle… I want place only exit here enter, not far. how to solve these?

I have pattern it here
but doesn’t work

Please help me and i beg

Man, it’s hard to understand what you’re trying to say. Where are you from? Maybe someone in UA can help you in your native language.

If your player can enter the car even when not close to the vehicle, maybe the problem is caused by a wrong doorTriggerLeft volume: the player is allowed to enter the car when it enters the trigger, thus a too large trigger volume will enable entering the car even when too far.

friends need help or someone to tell me I facilitate scritp to raise and lower the vehicle and pass me explain, I try as 5 ways with one scritp that appear on the web, of course I have copied the videos, but I have not accomplished anything. I appreciate any help. Note: no programming, but I have a level with a vehicle of unity and the character movements, but not as up to the vehicle when I play the two move. thanks