Problem getting parent/sibling of AutoLayout UI element [4.6]

Hi there,

I’m having some difficulty accessing the siblings of a button in a horizontal layout group.

The code works fine if the element is outside the horizontal layout group, but throws a null reference exception when it is inside.

I found this in the scripting docs, but the info is minimal:

I’m pretty sure I need to check the parent/childindex/siblings after the “PostLayout” section, but I have no clue how you might go about this.

Anyone have a clue how to achieve this? Or maybe I’m barking up the wrong tree.


You may want to provide your code, as we can’t tell what you’re doing wrong, but here’s a generic answer.

You can use foreach to access child objects of a transform. So your code would looks something like this (assuming it’s attached to one of the button siblings).

Transform parentTransform = transform.parent;

foreach (Transform sibling in parentObject){
    //Do stuff
    //Note that one of these is going to be yourself, you can test for that with something like:
    if (sibling == transform){
        //May I don't want to do the same stuff


Hope that gets you started!