Problem graphics 2d Pixel art Android build game.

Hi. I made a Android game. with pixel sprites , But I have a problem. When I test my game (with pixel art made with UPA(Unity pixel art Toolkit)), in the editor looks very nice. this is a screenshot :

But, build, and tested in Android, it looks really bad. in several smartphones. And i don´t know why, this is another screenshot :

please help. what is the problem? maybe, the rendering settings?

I had the same problem tho here’s the answer I found on reddit. It’s actually pretty simple.
If anyone has fiddled whit graphics and quality settings in Project Settings they might have set the quality to fastest which sets the texture quality to half res or something. To fix this just go to Edit → Project Settings → Quality and change Texture to Ful Res. (Originally answer found on reddit by bradur)