Problem importing a fbx animation to a 3rd person controller

Hello, I made an animation with 3ds max for a character (running, idle, jumping and walking) and added the default scripts from unity 3rd person controller and 3rd person camera. When I import the animation on fbx (with bake option and Y-Up setting), appears in the preview windows of every animation, but when I play the test screen the character doesn’t plays any animation.

I put every animation in order in the script following the tutorial but the console shows me that error:

The character you would like to control doesn’t have animations. Moving her might look weird.
ThirdPersonController:Awake() (at Assets/Standard Assets/Character Controllers/Sources/Scripts/ThirdPersonController.js:99)


Do you mean at the Idle animation, Walk animation and the others?

If is that, I put the animations from the fbx file in the third person controller script.

Or do you mean at the code script?