Problem importing .blend or .fbx (number of vertices)

I have a problem with my prefabs imported from blender (formats : .blend or .fbx : tue same problem)
In blender, my object has 110 vertices. And in Unity, there are 184. I see the number of vertices using Mesh.vertexCount.

My aim is to import a prefab with two states, recuperate the positions on begin and end, and make an interpolation of the vertices in order to have a nice animated button.

Could someone help me please?


The section called “Optimize Model Geometry” explains what you are seeing.

Ok, i’ll take a look at this

So, if you can explain me for this case. I don’t have any problem exporting and make my interpolation in VRML.
Does Unity create 3 vertices per triangles and then 3 vertices on intersection of three triangles?