Problem importing blender (yes another one)

Alright, So I first tryed importing blender files as an fbx in blender 2.57. It would import the file with no problems, but it wouldn’t show up in scene veiw or anything in unity. I saw that there were problems with that version of blender so I got blender 2.49 and now the files won’t even import. I save them as .blend files on 2.49 should I make it an fbx? Can some one help me figure out this importing problem =l

I usually use .fbx files, make sure to select all your model objects in blender with the a key, before you export.

Make sure you have the object you want to export selected in object mode when you export. Also, make sure you are selecting “export only selected objects” and uncheck anything unnecessary, such as cameras, lighting, and empty objects. Also, there are size incompatibilities with the fbx exports and the unity imports, so what seems to be an empty object may simply be ridiculously small. in such cases a simple resize will fix the problem. also, if you could include the .blend file to a comment, I could export it for you and include it in a reply. no promises someone out there wont plagiarize it if you do though.