Problem in rotation of plane


I Have created a plane and in the plane I have few more planes. Problem is when I start rotation (like a wheel) it is rotating fine but it is effecting the inner planes. It is changing their position and rotation too.

Actually I am creating a wheel game where there is a wheel and it contains some set of numbers on its corners. For that I have merged all number (planes) into the wheel (plane). Now as I am rotating wheel it is moving fine but side by side it is changing position and rotation of inner numbers (plane) also.

Please help.

When you say “…in the plane, I have a few more planes” you are probably saying you have a parent plane with child planes. Rotating the parent is supposed to move and spin the children, so that it appears they are locked together, like a solid physical object.

There is no easy way to have the children only move when the parent spins, w/o them also rotating. You’re going to have to write/find&modify a script. Some people have asked that question here: “child moves but not spins” and gotten some answers. If you only have numbers, you could look at using GUI.Label with Camera.WorldToScreen for the position.

It would also help a lot if you described the problem, simplified it, and possibly posted some code that might be sort of working for you, but needs a fix.