Problem in ScrollList & UIListItemContainer?


I tried to use UIListItemContainer inside whihc i pushed data into the scrollList.

          for (int i = 0; i < 3; i++)
                GameObject _childGO;
                SpriteText _spriteText;
                UIButton _ui;
                UIStateToggleBtn _uiToggle;
                _childGO = Instantiate (_prefab) as GameObject;
       = "Item"+i;
                foreach (Transform child in _childGO.transform)
                   if( == "01_Name")
                      _uiToggle = child.GetComponent ("UIStateToggleBtn") as UIStateToggleBtn;
                      _uiToggle.controlIsEnabled = false;
                   else if ( == "02_Desc")
                      _spriteText = child.GetComponent ("SpriteText") as SpriteText;
                      _spriteText.Text = "" + productDesc _+ " for " +price*;*_

else if ( == “03_Buy”)
_ui = child.GetComponent (“UIButton”) as UIButton;
_ui.Data = i;
_ui.SetValueChangedDelegate (Buy);
scrollList.AddItem (_childGO);
In the Above Coding Part. Purchase details are get from the store. and insert dynamically in to the list.
Its working properly in sometimes(i.e: I got three data in the list). but most of the times i got only one data.
i.e: It enters into the for loop only once. After it adds the one item into the scrollList. it ll not increase the i value and it ll not even enter into that for loop.
I don’t know why its happening.
Anyone here help to solve this issue. . :?:

I got the solution to this problem. If anyone did the same mistake then, here is solution.

The problem is i got the data dynamically and i didn’t even give delay to this function

So, only it shows an UI like(Hiding some text in the button and even sometimes it leads to crashes)

Solution Code:

    private IEnumerator FunctionName()
       yield return new WaitForSeconds(0.05f);
       Same For loop as above in Question
       for(. .. .. )