problem in submitting facebook app for permission of publish_actions

For using score api as it is mentioned it is require to take publish_actions permission as mentioned here

when I tried to add permission to my app it is giving error
It looks like you haven’t made any API requests to access content with the publish_actions permission in the last 30 days.

I am making call
FB.API(“/me/scores”, Facebook.HttpMethod.POST, PostCallBack, scoreData); in game (which is not working)

note that I am doing re-submission. any solution how can I submit facebook app for review for permission of publish_actions

I am also getting the same Error.If anybody get the solution kind let me know and also if I came across any updates on the same i will share the same here.

ok I got one solution, try to request score API from account you have created your app. so it will remove error of you have not made any API call from last 30 days
I have done it using
var query = new Dictionary();
query[“score”] = “10”;
FB.API(“/me/scores”, Facebook.HttpMethod.POST, PostCallBack, query);

and after that it let me submit my app for review, items are still in review but i managed to submit my app for review