problem in third person controlling!

Hi all

my english is not good

in unity we have FPS controller and third Person controller. when you use third person controller , you can control character moving by keyboard . for example when you press “D” your character turns right and also the camera changes position to behind the character ! . but with third person controller you can’t use mouse to control camera and character direction! I searched for this issue and found a video that told add “MOUSE ORBIT” and “SMOOTH FLOW” and “SMOOTH LOOK” to main camera and change config. when I did this every thing was OK and i was able to control camera and character! but when I press “D” character turns right but the camera doesn’t move behind the character!
what should I do to solve this problem?
or there is any way to make a good control for third person ?

In hierarchy you should click on your prefab via right click and select camera. You will have new camera as different object. Then you should set the position of camera(in inspector for example) and it should work. Remember - disable prefab camera and use the new one that you created.