Problem initialising slider value from code

I spend the whole day trying to fix a bug and with Debug.Log() calls I managed to isolate it.

I’m modifying and displaying 2 variables of an object (h and v angles), however only the first comes through for some reason:

			clickableBoxRotVSlider.value = 	core.currentClickable.rotV;
			clickableBoxRotVText.text = 	core.currentClickable.rotV.ToString("0.00");

			clickableBoxRotHSlider.value = 	core.currentClickable.rotH;
			clickableBoxRotHText.text = 	core.currentClickable.rotH.ToString("0.00");

When I at the end of my debuging tried to exchance the two, the other one got through. It seems like the code execution stops right there beween those to blocks of code.

I have no idea why this would happen.

(Moderator changed question title from “Is there such a thing as a function call limit or a stack limit in unity?” to better reflect the content)

Okay, I found out that the moment I set the value of the first slider it fires its callback function for changed value. This callback function got executed before the next line of code and alters the variable that I was going to initialize the second slider with. That way it looked like the following code is not being executed anymore.

Hi i am getting a similar behaviour. Can you please help me?