Problem making a scrolling menu ui...

I want a menu of UI objects, and there will be enough of these objects that I’ll need to scroll. They are dynamically generated, though I don’t think that matters to my question.

I have a scroll view, and on its “content” object I’ve added a VerticalLayoutGroup and a ContentSizeFitter. But this is throwing exceptions, despite being the same method shown in this video, without errors

It throws between 4 and 10 identical exceptions the first time these components are enabled, and every time I make a change to that canvas, but doesn’t seem to affect functionality (ie it still works). The exceptions look like this:

Trying to add (Layout Rebuilder for) Content (UnityEngine.RectTransform)
for layout rebuild while we are already inside a layout rebuild loop.
This is not supported.

To reiterate, the menu functions as you would expect. Removing either Component breaks the functionality, but using them both causes these errors every time I press Play.

I’ve had the same error in Unity 5.3.

On the “Scroll Rect” component. Set the Horizontal and Vertical scroll bar “Visibility” to “Auto Hide” instead. And the errors should go away.

I found a solution here: