problem model groups

Hi to all
i’ve created a model with Sketchup, with various groups, but when i import it in unity project and drag it in the scene, the groups that i’ve created in sketchup there aren’t anymore… why? they help me to do the animation parts… without model groups is impossible… i have unity 4.3.3

Thank you in advance,

I tried this, and I had no troubles at all. I’ll explain what I did.

  • I created separate boxes, then i selected each one individually and did right click → “make group”.
  • Then I selected both group boxes, and again right clicked → “make group”.
  • Then I went to menu → file → export → 3D model(FBX)- (requires sketchup pro, and I didn’t change anything about the export settings)
  • Dragged into unity
  • ??
  • Profit

here is what the groups in skechup look like

here is what the hierarchy of the model in Unity looks like (I did NOT change anything about the import settings)21738-unity01.png

thank you so much for your explanation, but now I know the problem… before i converted the model in 3Ds e not in .fbx… I hadn’t noticed :slight_smile: