Problem moving static batch root when using StaticBatchingUtility.Combine

Hi so… according to the Unity documentation, I should be able to move the staticbatchroot object after calling StaticBatchingUtility.Combine.

Currently, at runtime, I instantiate a pool of prefabs, apply their lightmaps and call combine on the root prefab object before disabling them.

Then, when needed, I move the root object into position and re-enable them. This seems to stop them from statically batching.

If I move them into place and call combine all works fine but obviously this causes performance issues during play (and I generate levels on the fly constantly.)

Any ideas on the correct way to use Combine and move the root object without the batching breaking?


I have Ben Stoneman at Unity to thank for this one who wrote some sample script and I saw the problem in my code.

I was instantiating my prefabs, disabling them in the hierarchy and then calling Combine - looks like all object have to be active before you can call Combine!