PROBLEM: Newcomers don't know how to share their code properly

I have no idea why, but many newcomers don’t know how to share their code properly.

And this user comment from today


convinced me that this must be an UI issue. Just take a look at this bar:


Is it really immediately apparent which button is for code?
I know which one it is and it still takes me 2 seconds to find it.


If I have some spare time to burn here I can fix something like 5-10 posts a day where each of these had code either missing completely or formatted in a totally broken way (auto code-formatting triggered halfway the script by either tab of four spaces). I really don’t want to do that anymore. And when we stop these manual fixes, these will start accumulating a growing archive of broken posts, slowly turning this site into an ugly place.


Post Templates

Every time we create a .cs file in editor we get a C# template. So what about getting a post template here, every time we want to create a new post? Maybe this could be part of the UX solution here.

Templates also could apply, differ depending on the sub-forum one wants to posts in or even could be customizable by users. To give an example of one, specifically targeting newcomers:


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Yes, that’s being considered. Templates are a very new addition to Discourse and they will take some time to mature. You can see some of my requests and the nature of the plugin currently. Until then, I do agree that the icon can be improved—along with the icons in that bar generally… but I also think it’s just laziness.

It’s also on the list to improve the moderation tools so we can just send unformatted
posts a pre-written response that requests edits, which will go a long way to dealing with them quickly.

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why if Somone’s posting on here looking for help would Thay purposely make it harder for them self’s to get help.

Obviously nobody would try to make it hard to help them, I think that some people just don’t yet understand what all the buttons do, and the issue is, some people don’t care.

oh, I should probably apologize I miss understood what you meant by them being lazy.

I just realized that when people paste xml or json data (serialized data or settings) into their post - they have even less idea how to format that. Hard to blame them really.

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Entering in party: what if that icon was something that resembles more the icons of coding in unity? perhaps a #, or a little paper as a file, or something like. Just an idea :wink:

Note: i had started with unity discussions just a few days, made some threads, but still forgotten which is the button for pasting code :grin:


why not make the default ‘’'cs instead of ‘’’ ?

For me </> is the obvious choice, as it’s used on other forums (‘’’ is also the way to post code or quotes in discord so it’s pretty well known). My post was edited to add cs, which I think is too obscure for myself and others. Good to know, but hard to know.