Problem on Unity 4.3 Version

After installing the 4.3 version and open the Unity Editor, the following messages were displayed and Unity Editor couldn’t open after clicking .

Graphics card not supported by Unity
DirectX9 GPU (Shader Model 2.0) is required.
Your GPU (Intel(R)G33/G31 Express Chipset Family)
only supports Shader Model 2.0.

Please advise on the follow up actions. Thanks.

Also the Unity was unable to open.

It means your graphics card does not support all the capabilities of that emulation level.



OK, so after Googling I found the following:

It seems Unity had this again as 4.2, see CStunner’s post. I think CStunner answered most of your question. So you could wait for a fix, or go back to 4.2.2.

According to this Answer, Unity 4.3 dropped support on some pre-DX9 GPUs (although this should not include your GPU), it means Unity 4.3 did make some change on GPU support.

Given all GPUs in the above post are (laptop) Intels’ (old and new), and in Unity System Requirements: “…Occlusion Query support (some Intel GPUs do not support that).” It seems that Intel GPUs are kinda ‘special’. So get a Nvidia/ATI card if you can, or at least keep that in mind next time you buy a computer.

If you are depsperate, you can try this, it worked for others and for me:

The watermark is… quite noticable.

The installation of this shader thing is in the readme.txt that comes with the download, but basically it’s a dll you drop into the folder with unity’s executable.