Problem| Player Name Above The Player

Okay I fix it, but now there in another problem:
When my friend standing behind me, I can still se his name dysplay on my screen…
This is my new script:

var playerName : String = "Test Player";
var screenPos : Vector3;
var labelPos : Transform;
var target : Transform;

function Update () {
			screenPos = Camera.main.WorldToScreenPoint(labelPos.transform.position);


function OnGUI()


        GUI.Label(new Rect(screenPos.x, Screen.height - screenPos.y, 75, 25),;


Someone know hos to fix that problem :)?

When your friend is behind you, WorldToScreenPoint will give a negative value for z, which if(screenPos.z>0) GUI.Label(...) can skip.

First of all, Thanks for reply. Second, It works but now I got another problem: When I’m looking up to the sky, I can see my label name :\ How can I fix it ?