Problem rotating camera when playing

Ok so I’m making a 3rd person game, Ive got the character controller all set up and have the camera following the object, I am using the default SmoothFollow code and the character is able to move forwards and backwards fine however when I use the left/right arrows to turn it acts as though something is stopping the camera, it rotates about 90degrees then bounces back, anybody have any ideas?

Check your environment.

Maybe their is an inactive object that has a collide attribute that is in your cameras rotating position.

Perhaps your script was changed and is limited at around 90 degrees and rejects the code after it and thinks that you want to go back to default rotation.

These are possibilities and I do not promise that they will fix it. I would like to help more. If so, can you edit your script and add or tell us what your script contains with the values in that action?

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