problem scripting walk/idle animations

*im by no means fluent in any code yet, just getting into c# with maybe 2 months experience in java.
also new to unity, just trying to make things work to build a prototype 2d platformer through trial,
error, lots of research (though mostly dead ends) and hopefully the unity community…

that being said, im trying to code in walk/idle animations in with the movement code in my
PlayerMovement class like so…

		if (Input.GetKey (KeyCode.A)) {
			rb.velocity = new Vector2 (-moveSpeed, rb.velocity.y);


		if (Input.GetKey (KeyCode.A)) {

ive set parameters in the animator between walking and idle (“walk” and “idle”)
monodevelop doesnt seem intuitive enough to tell me what im doing wrong as all im getting is a parser error on the end of the last line of that code. i know that i need to be putting something in the run or update functions to support the animator but because everybody does the same things differently im finding it extremely hard to figure out how to do this through research on here and elsewhere. i have a lingering suspicion i should be doing this in my blank Player class or in a separate Animation class or something? learning on your own can be so frustrating sometimes lol! thanks for reading. hopefully i wont be too embarrassed by this in the coming years!

method calls always need brackets: