Problem Trying To Get GUI.Label Centred


I’m trying to get this GUI.Label bang in the middle of my screen but I keep running into problems. I am using a custom GUI with a font size of 200 and the alignment of UpperLeft. = customSkin;
	GUI.Label(Rect((Screen.width/2) - (150/2), (Screen.height/2) - (150/2), 150, 150),""+countDown,"CountDown"); = null;

I keep messing around with the settings, trying to adjust it - and it keeps moving from one side to another. All my other labels are fine, it only seems to be this one because the font is massive.

What am I doing wrong?


Try this:

I don’t get why you use the alignment UpperLeft when you want to have it centered… How about using TextAnchor.MiddleCenter?