Problem using effects on Google Cardboard camera

Hey there! I’m building a mobile Unity project using the default Google Cardboard assets package, and I want to use some image effects on it.

I noticed that every time I run the application, it instantiates this script on right and left cameras: “RadialUndistortionEffect” I understand that this is automatic and necessary for adjusting the image for the device lens.

Here’s the problem: when also I add any image effect script (Grayscale, for instance), the “Radial Undistortion Effect” doesn’t seem to work on any Android device, though it did work on Unity. It seems like the Grayscale script is somehow overwriting the RadialUndistortionEffect.

Any idea how to solve this? Every help is welcome, I’m a noob when it comes to programming (just learning C#).

Thanks a lot!

To make the image effects work, make sure you disable “Direct Render” at the StereoController script attached to the main camera.

Since the image effects are worked of in queue, it is important to keep the right order for execution:

The RadialUndistortionEffect script always needs to be the last in line. So, in the inspector, add (or move up) your image effect script (i.e. grayscale) before these scripts on both cameras (left and right).

It works. Thanks a lot.
Btw, I’m using the free version.

adding image effect scripts to post render of stereo render fixes the issue for me.

I checked false the directRender but it didn’t work