Problem using joints?

Hello actually I’m doing a simple pendulum experiment using joints. In my experiment the simple pendulum model given by 3d artist people. I made some changes in that model now I’m using bob as the child of the rope and I’ve attached a fixed joint on the bob the connected body is the rope and the rope is having the hinge joint and the connected body for the rope is the rod in the simple pendulum. My problem is when I drag the bob what happens the connected body of the bob from the rope are getting separated and the connected body of the rope from the rod also getting separated I’ve also used some coding stuff for solving the issue buts its not solving someone please help me regrading this issue. The output I’m expecting is when I drag the bob and release the bob it should swing perfectly but swinging there is no problem but the connected bodies are getting separated please help me solving this issue.

Thank &Regards

you mainly just need to adjust the break torque settings and break angular force of the objects. if you set it to infinity i think it never breaks. another thing to mass values do matter so if you have it all set to 1’s which is default you don’t always get a desired behavior.