Problem using Shuriken with ortogonal Camaera

I am trying to use the Shuriken system with an Orthogonal camera but it seems to be billboarding as it it was perspective Camera. For example when I move the particle system from one side of the screen to the other the particles tilt to face the camera,but i want them to stay in same plane to give same look from any position. It works that way in Scene view. I am using stretched BillBoard rendering.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this?

I moved the camera back a couple hundred units so the effect is not noticeable.

I’m using a similar setup. I’ve checked and the billboarding works correctly. Perhaps you have more than one camera?

I suppose if the main camera is not ortho the particles are tilting to face that cam. Check to make sure you have all the cameras set to ortho and that there are no stray cameras that you don’t actually use.

Also, just to be on the safe side tag your main ortho cam as MainCamera.