Problem when make the build of the game

Hello guys !

My name is Luigi and I’m from Brazil.

My friends and I are having some kind problem with the build.

When we make the build of our game some images and textures of the game are going crazy. Some images start to flick and the textures are replaced by others.

Inside of the project nothing of that happens. Only when we make the build of the game.

We don’t know what problem can be.

It may be create problem because the language selection will be changed from Main Menu , try to change the language from the Main Menu. I mean to say that if you make the game in US language and selection of language is another language in the Main Menu in VR Device.

So try this , it may be helpful for you and your friends.

Unfortunately it is not this, because before we used the same language from the beginning of the project and none of this happened before. These bugs started to happen out of nowhere.

But thanks for the help