problem with 1000 agents on NavMesh


i have 1000 agents and everything works fine. All of them are following the waypoint and they even have their formation. The problem is that the when i press play then some agents are starting to move before the other ones. This means that when i got a line formation then some agents are getting to the waypoint faster then others. When everyone has reached the waypoint then the line formation is formed again.

But i would like all the agents start moving at the same time. So when everyone move towards the waypoint they can keep that nice line formation. Right now its a mess when they are moving around.

I can do this with 100 agents or even 200. But when i go higher then some agents will start to move later than others.

use agent.hasPath

You could use CalculatePath rather than SetDestination as that returns when there is a path available - that should mean you can start them all at once - (obviously it’s going to be a big hit while you do that for loop!)