Problem with 2D parallax effect (flickering)

I am trying to create a parallax effect for some 2D layers and here is how it works:
I get camera’s x movement as deltaX and move background object a bit less than deltaX in every frame.

it works fine but I get a flickering artifact. I know I have to use LateUpdate(). but the problem is the camera itself has a chasing effect which should be done using LateUpdate() and I have to make sure that Parallax is calculated after the camera repositions so it should execute after LateUpdate().
is there any way to achieve that? or is there a totally different workflow?

I find a solution but its not same effect with that maintextureoffset method.

I instantiate planes when player moves in 2d. And delete when player go far from that plane.

I made a game named Crow in googleplay you can compare the game for performance vs effect.