Problem with adding new Animations to existing FBX

So I have an issue:
I created a couple of animations for a Character in Maya and imported the FBX to unity. All worked great, even if I change the animations and override the FBX they update correctly.

But! If I create additional animations and save them in the same FBX and try to import it/ override it they won’t show up. I also can’t add them manually in the Import/ Animation settings because I can’t pick frames in the timeline that go past the previous maximum frames.

I know that people asked this/ similar questions before in the forums:

here , here, here and here

and the solutions would sometimes be “just replace the fbx in the folder and then in the Import/ Animation settings hit + and the new animations automatically appear.” It doesn’t do that for me and apparently for a lot of other people too. And as I said I can’t manually pick the frames because it doesn’t let me go past the previous limit.

Is there something else I am missing? Or is it a matter of Unity version? (I am using 2019.1)

Would appreciate any help! Thank you!

finally found this post from 2014.

That says to remove (-) all animations in import settings, then hit the x to import animations again and hit apply. Worked for me. Still think it should be considered as a bug.