Problem with alpha texture. Overlapping Faces

Hi. I work a character model in 3dmax. Export as FBX and use psd with alpha for texture. I use the Transparent Difusse Shader on my model, i dont know why but i can see how some faces put in front besides should be behind. It is not a problem of the face orientation because i can see the texture that belong to the face. Fox example, my female character have a purse. In some angles from the camera the purse put in front of the body. Like jump to the position in front but really it is behind. I hope you can help me. Sorry for my english.

Unity doesn’t do any sorting of the triangles in the model. Alpha triangles need to be rendered after all the opaque ones.

I dont know why but this is what happen. I Attach a photo, one view is in the scene window and the other is the game window. Maybe it is about another setting. But always happen this with Transparent Diffuse and png texture.