Problem with animation culling, animation event still firing

I am working on optimizing and I have set the culling mode on all my gameObjects with an animator to “Cull Completely”. It just doesn’t seem to work at all, if I look at my character in the scene view while playing my game I can see that the animation is still going on. I thought maybe this is just how Unity works so I tried to use an animation event to call a simple function with print (“I am still animating”) and I can see it in the console even though the object is clearly not visible for the camera.

Can someone explain? - Thanks in advance

yes same problem, 5.4.0f3
I have resolved in this way, for now.

setup the Animator like this:
Inspector->Animator->Culling mode = Always Animate

create and attach a c# like this:

using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;

[RequireComponent( typeof( Animator ) )]
public class CullCompletely : MonoBehaviour {

    void Awake() {
        Invoke( "Invoke_CullCompletely", 0.5f );

    // TODO  bug 5.4.0f3 check if resoved now 
    private void Invoke_CullCompletely() {
        animator.cullingMode = AnimatorCullingMode.CullCompletely;