Problem with animations(noob question i guess)

Hello guys, i have been programming for 2 years in unity and i have not even tried to make animations in it. This is probably very noob question. Here it is:
I have pistol low poly with hands and im doing reload animation. My problem is how can i make magazine slide when almost second of animation passed? Let me explain in first second, i did just positioning hands before taking magazine out you know. now when i try to get magazine out it is weird because taking magazine out starts from 0 to 60, it is really annoying. i need it to start from 0.40 to 1.00 but it starts from 0.00

Any Help would be appreciated
Thanks in advance guys

I’m assuming the magazine starts inside the pistol and you don’t want it to start coming out until the hand is in place at 0:40. To do this is simple. You’ll just want to place a keyframe for the magazine at 0:40 where it’s still in place in the pistol. If you try to add a keyframe where it’s removed at the end without this keyframe at 0:40, it will basically create a keyframe at 0 with the start position and then tween from that frame to the end frame. Creating a keyframe at the start position at 0:40 will keep the magazine in place until that point (as there will be no motion to tween prior to it) and then tween from that position to whatever you set it to at 1 second.
Just to further elaborate, in all animations you generally want to place a keyframe anywhere motion starts/stops/changes direction.