Problem with assigning textures to quads

Hi all,

I’m rather new to Unity and I’m not sure if I’m doing something wrong, or if it’s just not supported.

I’m trying to test out a texture on 2 quads in a scene, and I wanted to see how it looked with a normal map vs. without. However, I can’t make the quads “separate”. Anything I do with the “shader” tab settings is mirrored on the second quad - scale, tiling, etc. When I delete the NormalMap from the quad I want to test, it deletes it from the first quad as well. This happens on different gameobjects, as well - I made a cube to see if it was limited to quads and applied the texture, but the same thing happened.

The grid line in this screenshot is where the two quads separate:
alt text

I can’t find anything in the documentation which seems to solve my problem, and I hardly think this is an oversight by the Unity team - I’d be disappointed if it was.

Assign a new Material.

Set up the shader within this material.

A change to this material will affect all objects using it. Don’t want it afffected? Make a new material.