Problem with "Bake" (Navigation)

I want an Enemy follow my npc, and i’m using to it the “Nav Mesh Agent”, but when I go to the Navigation tab and press the button “Bake” to delimitate the area of my map (I made this map with “Tiled” ), this doesn´t works, and when I start the game, this appears on the console:

Failed to create agent because there is no valid NavMesh

It`s a 2D project. What should I do?

PD: Sorry for my bad english…

Make sure the object you are trying to bake the NavMesh on is Navigation Static and walkable. You can see this by clicking on the object tab in the navigation tab and then clicking on the object and making sure Navigation Static is checked and that the Navigation Area is set to walkable. The object needs to have a Mesh Renderer component on it as well.